Why do I need a digital marketing consulting service?

Why Outside DigitalDo you have the in-house skill set to independently analyse and interrogate your digital marketing performance metrics – or do you rely on reports, data and recommendations from your agency?

By definition, any agency that is tasked with providing reporting on their own performance is at risk of a conflict of interest. What’s more, not all digital marketing activities offer the same levels of profitability for the agency providing them, this can lead to similar concerns around any recommendations they provide.

That’s not to say the agency working for you is falling victim to these temptations, but the question is how would you know if they were?

Then there is the issue of ensuring all of the vendors providing your digital marketing are coordinating their efforts. Today it is more important than ever to have all of your digital channels supporting each other – in many cases their individual success will be dependent on it. Unfortunately when you have multiple suppliers you often end up with finger pointing and attempts to shift blame rather than a cohesive and collaborative digital program.

We take all of these hassles out of the equation.

Our focus is on cutting through the endless reams of meaningless metrics to anchor every activity back to much more important numbers, numbers your business will notice, like leads, revenue and EBITDA. We act as an independent expert, providing you with a clear view of what is and isn’t working and what other opportunities you might be missing.

We then work with you to map out a structured plan for your digital marketing and project manage its execution, co-ordinating your existing vendors (or helping you select new ones) to deliver the results your business needs to drive growth.

Of course you could opt to hire an in-house resource to manage your digital marketing. If you do you need to be sure that your business can afford someone with the necessary level of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately experts with an in depth understanding of all digital channels are a rare resource and they have a price tag that reflects that, and as with almost everything in life, if you pay peanuts…

In contrast, using an external consultant like Outside means you only pay for the time you need, you are guaranteed an experienced senior resource and you don’t need to make a long term commitment – all at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.