Do you have a digital roadmap?

Too often the justification for businesses to invest in certain digital marketing activities get lost in the enthusiasm for executing them. How many times have you heard someone tell you that their business is on social media because it ‘needs to be’ – but if you ask them why it needs to be you will rarely get a well-reasoned response.

Investing time, effort and money into marketing programs without a plan inevitably leads to poor results, and in many cases it can also become a noticeable drain on your business.

A digital strategy provides your business with a roadmap that  acts as the foundation for your digital marketing program.

At Outside we take a consultative approach to formulating a digital strategy specifically for your business.

We first invest time into understanding your business, its goals and objectives and its customer base. That information is used as the foundation for the development of a digital strategy that ties each and every online activity back to a broader business goal – because what’s the point of knowing your social media reach increased 5% if you don’t know whether that makes any difference to your bottom line?

It’s also important to note that no digital strategy should ever be seen as ‘set and forget’. With digital marketing it is a perpetual cycle of measuring, reviewing and optimising. This is why we include set review points as part of every strategy engagement, to not only review and amend the strategy (based on results), but to also consider any new opportunities that have presented themselves in the intervening period. Because, as we all know, the digital landscape is continually evolving.