Knowledge is power.

Digital Marketing TrainingSome of the most powerful insights into what marketing will be the most effective for any given business will actually come from the people within that business – because they know the business better than any external vendor could ever hope to.

By equipping your team with an understanding of the digital marketing world you can empower them to take more ownership of your marketing efforts and at the same time give them more confidence when dealing with vendors. In fact, we find that most people who attend one of our workshops or presentations walk away feeling a lot more empowered in both their personal and professional interactions with the digital world.

Of course there is no denying that some of the concepts in digital marketing can be particularly complex – if they weren’t we would probably be out of business. That said, the fundamentals are quite straight forward and can be easily explained and illustrated to even the most strident technophobe.

We offer a range of educational options from a standardised ‘Introduction to Digital Marketing’ presentation through to tailored half and full day courses.

For our tailored courses we survey all of the attendees prior to the event so that we are able to better identify knowledge gaps and ensure the program we provide meets their unique needs.

Our presenters are experienced performers who thrive on engaging an audience regardless of whether it is a room with four people in it or an auditorium with hundreds.