Do you know how well your digital marketing program is working?

Digital AuditWe find that many of our client’s digital marketing programs have evolved over time with a variety of different vendors and internal staff involved throughout the journey. This often leads to a disjointed digital ecosystem – with varying levels of performance across each channel (eg. Website, SEM campaign, SEO, Social etc.) and a lack of co-ordination in their execution. Add to this the ever changing online landscape and you may be surprised to learn just how far below best practice your marketing is performing.

Our audit’s provide you with a comprehensive, expert, independent assessment of where your business’s digital marketing program is at – and give you clear directions on how to rectify any issues that we identify.

An audit will typically involve the analysis of the following areas;

Of course there may be more or less channels dependent on the specifics of your business’s existing digital footprint.

The final audit report provides clear direction on any areas for improvement and recommendations on how to action them. It also contrasts the current performance of each channel against your key competitors. Once you have had a chance to review the full audit document we arrange a Q&A session to allow you to seek clarification on any elements within the report.